Could it be any worse

Published February 9, 2012 by angelsdoexsit

So now I have to fight and prove my self to the man I love because some little bitch has come along cause she couldn’t count. I have always thought relationships were for 2 guess I was wrong cause this girl seems to think there made for 3. I shouldn’t have to fight but I love him to much and want him to be mine at the end of the day so I will give it ago and if I lose him to her then I will pick my self up hold my head high and try to move on. As long as he’s my friend at the end of the day I am some what happy. I just want him to be happy and he is unsure who and what he wants I hope he works it out soon cause as much as I want to wait forever I can’t and won’t cause it will hurt me too much. I really hope he sorts it out soon

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