Over it

Published March 13, 2012 by angelsdoexsit

So the update since last time I’m single still he chose the other girl and everyone loves her blah blah blah. Have I found anyone nope cause all men seem to want these days is one thing. I’m over it all as for the car I loved and wanted well don’t want it now cause he thrashed it and now it has more problems then what it’s worth I’m ready to give up and leave Adelaide maybe even SA think I need a fresh start I don’t know any more all I want is to find another job and pay my loan off cause at the moment I am struggling with cash I could move back in with my parents but I really don’t want to but the rate things are going I might have to so I can pay my debts 😦

One comment on “Over it

  • All in good time, sweetheart, just let go and let God. Trust Him, ’cause our lives a but a weaving and while we see the underside with knots and all, he sees the uuperside where he knows the dark threads are as needful as the threads of gold and silver. Just hang in there!

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