Broken hearts heal

Published October 16, 2012 by angelsdoexsit

Last time I felt like this was when I broke up with my ex.
We tried being friends and it worked, there is a but tho we had to hide our friendship from his current girlfriend. We texted when we could and even seen each other. That’s when it went bad we slept with each other 😦 my feelings came rushing back but I ignored them all very well. We had been seeing and texting each other for the last 6+ months. He started telling me he missed me and that his relationship was on the rocks. He reeled me in made me feel for him again and then he cut the line that’s when I realized my heart is truly broken not having him in my life at all hurts 😦 What upsets me most is he said I was his best friend and that he would always be there for me guess that was a big fat lie. What made him do it I’m not 100% sure but I do know his g/f went to a psychic and they told her that he was missing and texting a ex that would be me. I gave him some advice and now he’s quit his job which was perfect for him and cut all lines with me so I guess he made his decision her I’m happy that he found someone he must truly love. One day I hope to find another I can trust and love call mine but I know it’s going to take a long time to open up again. My heart is in pieces and I’m not sure it I really want to pick them up and repair it

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