This sucks

Published December 3, 2012 by angelsdoexsit

This is regarding a pervious post that i only just manged to restore as i thought i had lost it for good.

So I still seem to be having no end of luck with love and men, sometimes i think its me that im doing something wrong and thats when i realized i have to stop been so easy when it comes to sex. I have to make them work for me.

So i met a guy through a friend of the family he was really nice sweet caring and charming,

I felt something with him that i havent felt in a long time. I realized i really liked him after spending the night with him just drinking and talking but then i made a mistake when we stayed at the hotel i slept with him 😦 the next morning we woke up and i found out i was an aunty so we left the hotel grabbed some food and he dropped me off at the hospital so i could meet my nephew/godson. I spent the whole day at the hospital with my little sister i texted this guy we chatted for a bit then stopped. the next day was the christmas pagent and i decided to go it had been awhile since the last time i had been, i also brought my godson he’s frist ballon animal. so i messaged this guy again while i was at the hospital and again we chatted for a bit.

So it was now a sunday and i decided not to txt him on this day and left it until the monday to tx him and say hello how are you? i got no reply. I just thought that maybe he was busy a few days passed and i tried again still no reply, thats when i thought to give up and stop looking for love and all that crap and focus on my studies. I was doing great in my course almost completed everything when just last wednesday as i finished class for the day heading out to go home i see him the guy i liked so much, i took a risk and called out to him he stopped and he talked to me for a bit he told me that he had been flat out and had been having a few rough weeks and that he never intended for us to be a 1 night stand and that he was really sorry he would call me as soon as he got credit for his phone.

I still havent recevied anything from him i seen him again today and i was all hyped up on energy drink bouncing around lol i called out saying hello and he said hi one sec so i waited for a bit but he never came and talked to me so i left tafe for the day and got a sinking feeling that maybe it just isnt worth it but i still like him and find him so atracttive. So i went to the one person i trust with male advice and he suggested that i leave it be and see what happens and maybe after a few weeks i try contacting him again and if he doesnt reply then give up and start the search again or just go back with him when he becomes single again lmao.

on another note im worried about a good friend of mine who is struggling i wish there was a way i could help her and hold her tell her that everything is going to be alright, but i cant all i can do is say if you need to talk im here for you no matter the time of day you can call me at 4 am and i would still answer and listen cause i love you always and forever to the end.

Until next time peeps

keep safe xoxox

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