Just another ramble

Published February 3, 2013 by angelsdoexsit

It hurts seeing people you love and care for getting hurt by people they love.
i see this everyday almost and it kills me knowing that there is nothing i can do to help them, all i can do is sit there and listen i guess that is helping them letting them talk about it.

so there was a guy i dated for a week then realized he wasn’t my type especially after asking some thing that u don’t ask a girl u have just asked to be your g/f

I miss cuddles so much especially on cold nights like this one, but we cant always have what we want i sometimes sit alone and wonder to much my mind is wondering to much stupid brain. At the end of the day I get by with what I have its them who’s missing out on a great person I know there is someone out there for me but its just not my time yet.

Im over looking for work and getting no response or sorry u have not been successful this time 😦 I swear i am ready to scream its that frustrating not working if i haven’t found a job by the end of this month i will just go back to studying again its something to do.

Adelaide is shit for jobs right now very dead and the jobs that are there want experience and yrs of it I’m ready to lie just to get a job and then hope i can keep up with the workload.
enough of my wahhh whahh whahh im off to bed its to early for this lol hope to write soon xxx

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