yayyy i’m back

Published August 17, 2015 by angelsdoexsit

so my last post was what feels like years ago.

I forgot my login details and stopped writing but i finally have remembered my login details and I’m back and plan to post often or at least as often as i remember to.

life has been an adventure since my last post i never realized how much things can change.

I’ve lost friends and family even gained new amazing people in my life lost a few animals and gained some as well.

I have started a degree and I’m moving forward with my dreams and life I have removed a lot of the negativity from my mind and the people who caused it.

I have big plans for my blog i am keeping my personal one for my ramblings and thoughts but i plan to start a new page as well for my experiences and helping others who have been in similar situations to myself as i love helping people names will be changed for private confidentiality reasons but i wish to share my advice and i am also planning to write articles on things i have discovered like online dating and the quirks and truths about them.

social media and what it has become to us today as a society i hope to hear from you all soon and hope you enjoy my writings as much as i love to express them.

xoxoxoxox princess rae rae

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