Old poems


Do u remember when u told me i love u i do it was all sweet lies, there was never any  truth behind it, i was used controlled, and abused by u. the day u walked out of my life was the best day of my life i was released out of my cage and you’d given me the freedom i wanted back before u and ur sweet lies
At night all alone, hear a noise freeze in the moment. who or what could it be. Do i move and look to see instead i curl my self up and rock back and forth wondering is it you have to come and beat me once again, i didn’t mean it it was just me but u still beat me down with your words and fists. one day i will get up one day i will stop this and walk away. maybe today or even tomorrow i heard a noise today it was u come to take me away and beat me only today i did not get back up i never did walk away, for today was the day i died in no ones arms on a cold floor. no flowers for me only agony. buried in a hole 6 ft deep never to be seen or heard of again, thanks to you been so vain.

buried in thoughts of only you so forbidden i know, how i wish i could feel ur touch on my skin, have u all to myself and never to let go. but knowing it is not allowed only makes it that much worse, knowing u don’t feel the same is what i find do hard of all
I feel your breathe on my skin, chills run down my spine. loving your ever sweet touch on my body, your beautiful scent feeling my mind, listening to your prefect voice whisper to me. Is this real are you here with me or just a dream that fades away when i wake, slowly i open my eyes to notice nothing but darkness surrounding me, i take in a sigh and close my eyes but can’t sleep, you still linger in my mind ever so slightly, but the more i wake the more you fade away never to be seen till i close my eyes and sleep again.

on the grave the rain shall fall, on this cloudy day we look to the sky put down the flowers and walk away, thinking of all those we have lost in years past, brothers sisters friends and even the heros of our country we never knew. on the grave the rain shall fall and wash away our tears, on this day we say goodbye to those we love we never forget there faces we remember the times we had, and live on knowing its the right thing to do but when our day comes and rain falls on our graves we will be remembered and have tears washed from our graves and flowers laid down apon us

I sit here alone thinking to myself was it all just a dream. The days are melting together i know i was with you for all that time, i remember everything but it feels like a dream in my head, i want to be in your strong embrace again to feel the passion burn between us feel your love have you touch me in ways no one else can, one thing i know is that you are mine and i am yours always and forever.


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