Poem no: 1
I shouldn’t love u but I do I should hate u but I don’t u took my heart set it free break it in front of me see the pieces on the floor sweep em out the door I don’t need it anymore I don’t need it anymore

Poem no:2
I had the world at my finger tips you by my side, telling me everything would be fine. One fatal mistake and you slipped away. My world crashed around me, step by step I picked it up. Yet the pieces still don’t fit one thing is missing you

Poem no: 3
I want to feel you in my arms ur soft skin under my fingers ur lips pressed against mine ur sweet smell filling me inside making me love you and want you that little bit more, if only you could hold me one last time, someday I’ll take ur hand and we will run away never look back again, just look forward to the horizon and keep running no matter where I lay my head as long as its with you my baby we will have the world just you and me.

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