Times up

Today is my last day in leigh creek. Am I upset yes all I want is to save my relationship with the man i love, but in doing that I chance losing him for good so I would rather break up now on a good understanding then later down the track and have him hate me. The upsetting think is I could have saved this love if I had of listened to my father and stayed in Adelaide this time round rather then coming back to LC but I wasn’t thinking at the time all I wanted was to see him cause he had only just gotten back from queensland at the time, i have never regretted any part of this relationship until now I regret coming to LC this final time. I know I will see him again so that’s for sure cause we have promised to be friends, not only that I am to buy his car off him yayy I love that car it’s easy to drive and is reliable like hell all I need is to save the money by February and ding ding I have a good car that will last for yrs. I can say that I have had an awesome time being with this man okay so he wasn’t mister right as much as I thought he was hey for all I know he still could be just now isn’t the time weirder things have happened. I know of people who have broken up and got back together and being happier for it in the end. My quote for today is. It’s better to have loved and lost then to never of loved at all

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