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He’s a dream

So i met a guy and after 10 minutes it felt like he had been in my life forever we spent the whole night together the nite before mothers day we both had a big day a head of us but we pushed through cause we did not want to leave each others side, so at 7:30 am on the 8th of may he dropped me home and we had our first kiss it felt so rite. We messaged each other the rest of the day to see who would fall asleep first i won i stayed awake the longest lol.
later that day he asked me to come to his place for the nite i looked at my mother and said carpe diem which is seize the day in Latin we did not do anything we just cuddled and talked so much more then it was Monday morning and he went off to work i was with his sister the whole day she is such a nice person, i came home with a big smile on my face that would not go away no matter how hard i tried to get rid of it but it felt so rite.
so we agreed to see each other again on thursday nite my mum’s birthday and she was cool with this as long as i spent the whole day with her and no one else so i took the day with mum and made the most of it, that nite he arrived at my house we loaded the car with my suit case due to he was going to take me to the airport at 6:30 the next morning. He met my parents and they liked him alot he even brought my mum a box of chocolates for her birthday and a thanx for letting me have her tonite sort of thing. The night was magic i loved it have some awesome photos of it that i will show one day for the time been there for me and him, we stayed up late that nite talking and cuddling we fell asleep and the next thing i know it is 7:00 am we run out to the car and drive to the airport as quickly as we can i missed my flight by 10 minutes so i was going to have to book another one for that nite, which was going to cost me over $300 so my man said lets just drive there and we did we arrived in geelong at 7:30 that nite cause we did not leave until around 11:00 am he met the family up here and they liked him cause of how happy i was around him he spent the whole weekend with me and left on sunday now i am all alone but when i think of him a smile appears on my face cause that was not the last time i will see him he comes back to me soon and he is going to move here with me a fresh start for us both with each other on monday the 16th i annouced on facebook that i was in a relationship with this man and i am enjoying the whole thing he would never hurt me

Sorry It’s been awhile

So it’s been almost a month since I updated my journal. So Geelong it’s hard been away from family but it also has it’s good side my friend and her partner are loving the extra help and there daughter is very attached to me already she thinks it’s good. There is no leaving now but I will still go to Adelaide for holidays and to see family back to my dream man he left on the 15th of may and I was to see him again in 4 weeks at first they were taking so long I thought I would never see him again but as the weeks went on I did not notice that the time to see him again was coming closer. So on june 10th at 7:30 pm I got a phone call saying I’m here baby where are u I was with my friend dropping her daughter off at her grandmothers for the night. As soon as I got home we pulled up near my man I hopped out of the car and ran into his open arms. It felt so good been in his arms again and he was here from Friday the 10 th to Tuesday the 14th we spent every moment with each other. I now sit here alone again but I know that 2 weeks will go by fast and then I will be with him for a whole week in Adelaide I never thought I would fall in love so quick but I am in love and the good part about it is that he loves me too and he really means it he looks at me like I am he’s everything and he always tells me I’m gorgeous and sexy I like it alot yea there is a downside in long distance relationships but the upside is when we see each other everytime it feels so good and we want each other even more in the long run our love never really runs out. The end result is that I am in love and I am happy with the relationship I have with this man I hope to see me and him together for a long time love u all xx

To what do i call this

so i left geelong to go to adelaide for a week i arrived and my man and little brother were waiting for me. the flight was good for tiger airways i had planned to come back via tiger on the 9th of july i will come back to that i went and seen mum and dad it was good to see them again i got to see a few people over there did not get to see everyone i wanted to but there is always next time i am down, i spent alot of time with the man’s family and met a few of his mates everyone told pete to keep me around they like me and they also told me not to hurt there dear friend i never wish to hurt him.
on wednesday i caught up with an old school friend after we had lunch and a good catch up we parted our ways and she sent me a chain message now we all know i don’t really believe that stuff but i sent it to 9 ppl and got three back and i was now ment to get good news yeah right well later that day when i got back to my mans house sure enough on the news was that all tiger airways flights were cancelled until the 31st of july. i was over the moon cause it ment more time with my man and family so i messaged my house mate letting her know that i was not able to get home on the friday she rang me saying jetstar were helping out tiger passangers and that she had booked me another flight for saturday the 9th of july i lost my shit and said for her to change it cause i had made plans knowing that my flight was cancelled she had ago at me and i hung up and broke down in front of me man i did not mean to but it just happened he was so surportive told me to tell her to shove it and that we would go to geelong and get all my stuff  on the sunday and leave geelong for good. I rang her later that nite and asked her if she had changed the flight more good news she did not process the booking it failed. so i told her that she pissed me off and that i was ready to leave she freaked and said that u promised my daughter and me u would be home and help us. yes i did but i did not sign up for the bullshit and emotional black mail.
i rang jetstar on saturday and arranged to leave and return to geelong the first avalibile flight was tuesday rang my house mate and told her i really thought she was going to go off but she did not guess by me standing up to her and telling her that i would leave put a lot of doubt in her head. she was cool with it all
on the monday my sexy man got a call saying that he got his job in the mines driving the coal trucks 3 weeks on 1 week off i am so happy for him it still feels like my time in adeladie was all just a dream on tuesday i caught the flight back and i am now back in hell and wanting to go home which is adelaide home is where the heart is and my heart rests in adelaide but i don’t know how to leave cause i have to wait 4 weeks until my man can pick me and all my clothes and things that i have brought up here it wont all go on a plane. i am so stressed out and depressed my plan is to annoy people and hope sparks fly and there is a fight i know it sounds bad but it also sounds good it means a way out  of here for me i just wish to be with my family and the person i wish to have a family with one day my sexy man love and hugs all xoxox


So I’m coming home in 2 weeks hoping it will be for good, Geelong is not the place for me at the end of the day I miss all my family and friends. I’m really sick to top things off so when I get to Adelaide I need to see the doctors that know me and my body. Mum and dad have had enough of me sounding so unhappy and sick all the time so there putting here feet down and saying I’m not coming back to Geelong my health is more important So over the bullshit and lies I get fed here in Geelong.  As for me and my sexy man well the honeymoon is over we are fighting more and more cause of the bullshit in Geelong I know for a fact that I don’t want to lose him he makes me so happy even when we fight he has offered to lend me money to pay the debits I owe them he has even said he would pay for my tickets home. But I can’t just take the money even if it is just a loan I really wish I could just borrow the money and tell people f u I’m going home but I’m to afraid of there reaction and also the bull crap my ex and Jodie put me through has left me very little back bone grr can’t wait till the 19th I will be home with my mum and dad all my real family and friends

To a New Beginning

To a new beginning 12 months ago I was a mess, I wanted it all to end I had the shit beaten out of me one to many times then u did the one thing I thought u would never do guess I was wrong. 2 months passed I was single and ready to mingle again all I had to do was join a dating site and lose some weight and hey presto I was in the dating game again, men just came and went I was enjoying it but at the end of the night all I wanted was a man to call mine and hold me tell me I was loved. Another 2 months passed I hear ur happier then u ever were with me, it hurts still but I was getting stronger and living my life again the last thing I was going to do was let anyone bring me down, a few more months passed that’s when he walked in to my life, after a few hours I felt like I had known him forever we had the best 2 nights with each other . The days passed and I was with him again and next thing I know were on our way to geelong  cause I missed my flight u ask him it’s my fault but I say it was our fault, we got to our destination and nxt thing I know is I am falling for the guy sitting nxt to me. The down side was he had to leave on the Sunday and go back to Adelaide and I was staying in geelong a few weeks passed we talked on the phone messaged and even had a few chats on facebook , we became a couple and I was hated for it but it’s not my fault it just happened I can’t be blamed for it. A month passed and we seen each other again that’s when I knew I was in love with this man and lost a bet that we made. He fell in love too, he left it hurt I was counting the days till I saw him again this time it was my turn to go to him so I booked the flights and was on my way I spent a week with him met some awesome people,  we had so much fun just me and him no one else then it came time for me to say goodbye, it was one of the hardest things I had to do saying goodbye to someone u love so much and even leaving my family hurt. I was over everything I was back to been a mess but this time it was cause I was an idiot I never should have left he got the job he was wanting for months,  so he left and went to leigh creek coal field now it was 14 plus hours between each other the honeymoon was over and we knew it do we stick it out and fight for this relationship. We fought hard we were both ready to call it a day and split but i made my mind up I was leaving geelong there was nothing there for me my life was in Adelaide with my friends and family and of course my boyfriend, so I went home for my birthday and was told I was real sick so I told geelong to shove it. I waited the days out till I saw him again and the time had come we were to talk it out and see if we really wanted to be in a relationship with each other, we never really had that talk we just missed each other way to much and I moved again this time I was with him and going to leigh creek . I got a job everything was going good but then it started going down hill again it’s been 6 months  that’s a long time but it’s soon to end and there is nothing I can do to stop it, all I know is he showed me that there is guys out there who are not complete ass’s I have had the best time and I owe it all to him right now I’m  glad that when it ends we are still going to be friends yay he will always be in my heart and soul. The one thing I have to say if there is such things as soul mates he is mine but it does not mean that we are ment to be a couple in this life time maybe just friends, I’m happy with that If u love it, let it go If it comes back its urs If it does not It never was Rae =xox=

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