New yr New beginning

Published January 7, 2013 by angelsdoexsit

So its now 2013 wowww that came fast.

I have decided not to have a new years resolution as i never keep them so instead i have a plan and i hope i can make it happen.

My plan is to gain full time employment get personal training and go on lite and easy which is a healthier way of eating, i also plan to surprise a very dear friend who i haven’t seen in a very long time, I’ve been taking each step as it comes.

So Christmas for me was mostly spent being unwell due to getting the flu its not fun when its summer and you are sick, new years was good spent it with some friends. Had a guy ask me if i wanted a drink and i blew him off hahahahaha whoops ah well i don’t really care anymore

On another note I’m also missing someone and i don’t think they are going to keep there word anymore I’m sick of the lies but still i stay and listen because i still have feelings for them I just wish the feelings would stop guess they will stop when they do we rarely have control over those things anyway grrrrrrr i have also been single for 12 months now and it has helped me a lot to get my self loving me for me. Yes there are still a few changes i want to make me a better person in my own eyes. Hopefully 2013 brings me something good after all 13 has been a lucky number for me


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