What are we becoming?

Published December 19, 2012 by angelsdoexsit

What are we becoming?

The photo i upload today is of me and my beautiful nephew. Who is 5 weeks old.
i have so many thoughts running through my head I’m over being alone at night but that’s another post that will come later today I want to focus on something else, Lately I just wanted to cry and not stop and it’s not just because of my lonely little life. I look at this beautiful baby boy and think in five yrs time he will be going to school and making friends, growing up.
But for some children that will never happen now  may all the innocent lives lost last week in America rest in peace it makes me so sad, it’s so close to Christmas and some family’s will be mourning the loss of their children brothers and sisters my heart thoughts and prayers are with them all in such a tough time. I cannot imagine the pain these people would be suffering but looking in to this baby’s eyes I see brightness and love and sometimes wonder what it would be like not to have such a bright light in our lives anymore.
I did plan on writing good things in this post but thought it could come another time this was a more pressing subject on my mind.
What are we as humans becoming? Monsters is what we are slowly becoming.

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