Published May 22, 2012 by angelsdoexsit

So there’s a guy you like he’s sweet calls you on the phone tells you all these. Sweet things. You decide it’s time to meet each other so you go to his work when he finishes and he sees you before you see him, you finally meet face to face. He seems sweet funny and caring you go back to his house he still treats you right. Then u make a fatal mistake and sleep with him but he still cuddles you all night and has fun the next morning with you. You go home things change for the worst so You wait cause he’s in hospital. Your about ready to give up when he calls and talks to you but he’s different acting strange. It’s a new night u have a fight with ur family and need an escape so u fuck up for the second time and message him go to his house but he has changed so much no more cuddles and sweetie it’s something new, he shows u photos of his ex’s and you realize he is way out of ur league his exs were gorgeous and slim your neither so he obviously picked u cause u looked easy to get into bed. Now ur laying in his bed while he sleeps he hasn’t touched u as in cuddles or snuggles all night just had his way with you your thinking I should leave but ur unsure so u lay there all confused. Later that day u play computer games and laugh with each other he keeps asking u what’s wrong but u can’t explain the feeling u have that he is giving u mixed signals and that ur afraid Of what will happen, so later that night after playing games and laughing with him and his family, he and a really good mate who lives with him have to help out friends of there’s so u have to leave. On your way home he messages u saying I don’t think I’m the guy for u. What’s the first thing u do ask why? And he explains saying I only wanted us to be friends I’m sorry if u got hurt. U did get hurt but u made a mistake and let him see ur emotional side way to soon and now u feel stupid and wish u could turn the clock back just one day maybe u can save it but it would take a lot of time

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