What to do next

Published November 17, 2012 by angelsdoexsit

So the last few months I’ve been studying business it’s so much fun. I have given up on finding love no more Internet dating sites there all after the same thing sex! It’s really annoying too. So my last post was about my heart been broken and did I really want to fix it the answer is that I’m still unsure :/ as for my ex/ friend we started talking again he explained why he had to cut all ties for awhile there and I understood that. It’s good having him there for support I can go to him for all male advice. I love our talks we are so honest with each other. I found a guy I thought I could have called a bf too but he turned out like all the rest a jerk 😦 so now I’m focusing on my studies and finding a better job in Admin and of course also focusing on my friends and family and getting healthy 🙂 xxxx

P.s also posting some poems up 🙂

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